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August 15, 2013

Gearing up for Season 2. It’s all getting very exciting, scary, confusing… \r\n\r\nSept 13, 2008\r\n\r\nIt has been an emotional few days. Season One is over. We had a tearful last day. I was very down all day, and I went up to Martin’s office to thank him, Damian, and Amanda for what they did for me – giving me this amazing opportunity to be in their show. I couldn’t get through it without losing it. Pretty soon the four of us were crying. Throughout the day we kept saying goodbye to different actors as they finished their scenes.  Last night we went out to a restaurant in Gastown called Six Acres. It was great to let loose a little. Or maybe a lot.\r\n\r\nToday I went over to Martin’s house to watch the pilot. It looks really good.  We have a hit show here. I believe it.\r\n\r\nNow I am sitting in my Vancouver apartment, all my things are packed up, and tomorrow I leave. I feel okay about the show being over. Because I know in my heart of hearts that we’ll be back. This is just the first chapter.\r\n\r\nOct 3, 2008\r\n\r\nWell here it is. The day that we’ve all been waiting for – Sanctuary premiere night. Only the stupid thing is the show is on television right now and I am thirty five thousand miles in the air flying back from New York. We did a week of press in N.Y. It was incredible, a screening and party at the Paley Center, all kinds of interviews (including Amanda doing the Today Show this morning). We are in every major news publication around the country and in Canada. And for the most part all the reviews have been good (including the usually brutal Hollywood Reporter). The only bad one was in the New York Times. Snobs.\r\n\r\nIt was nice to have the family back again – D, M, A, the Wilsons. My parents even came down from Toronto. It was nice. Except for the brutal hangover I woke up with yesterday morning. I fully blame that on Damian Kindler and those insane bartendresses at the Coyote Ugly. *\r\n\r\nEveryone seems to be feeling that Season Two of the show is a sure thing. I can’t help getting swept into the optimism.\r\n\r\nNow I fly back to L.A to my lonely rented house beneath the Hollywood sign…\r\n\r\n* A quote from Mr. Kindler in response to my reference to the aforementioned evening in N.Y.C: “Please include the part about me waking up after 20 minutes of sleep and doing an entire day of PR and producing, while you were sleeping through your parent’s visit, like a grade A amateur.” End of quote.  \r\n\r\nNov 16, 2008\r\n\r\nIn the Gerard Room at the Sutton Place hotel. I’m back in Vancouver doing Beyond Sherwood Forest, with the lovely Erica Durance, and Julian Sands. The director is my pal Peter Deluise. Someone said I may be the only person in history actually named Robin to play Robin Hood. I’ll have to check that.\r\n\r\nBig news of the week was that Sanctuary got picked up for another 13 episodes. It’s great news. These last few weeks, I’ve felt a little like Willard in Apocalypse Now – waiting for a mission. Now I have one.\r\n\r\nCompounding this feeling is the fact that I’m kinda homeless right now. My official address is this hotel. Next week when I wrap the film, I don’t know where I’ll go until we start the series. This adventure intrigues me and scares me at the same time. I’ll be 32 in three days…\r\n\r\n